Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ultimate Teenagers Bedroom Mural

This took two of us 14 hours, one artist for the grand theft auto character on the left and the clouds, and one artist for the call of duty and assassins creed character. We can recreate any image on any surface

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Graffiti Workshops with Metro

Last night Graff Workshop provided a graffiti workshop for Metro ... They had had a competiton in their paper where people had to apply to get a free workshop for them and a friend.

So we had a three hour session at an awesome venue which had a Stik piece up one of the walls, as well as a Zombie and various other artists.

The session went really well, and was helped along by alcohol and a very fun group of people, all of whom made really good canvases, the likes of which I have never seen before, even though I used the same lesson layout and teaching methods as for all other workshops.

Graffiti Van

Here is a Graffiti Vehicle I painted today for Laura. Using her nickname 'Worm' as the focal point of the design. She brought the van along to the studio so I let her pick out all the colours for the background, and even join in a bit.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Desktop Graffiti Wallpaper

We are now giving away free Desktop Graffiti Wallpaper on our website so if you are looking for an awesome graffiti desktop then you need look no further

This photo was taken by one of our team in Bristol. Not sure of the artist but it was on a wall with Sokem. At the time of writing (2013) most of the wall was still intact, it is the hoardings around a building site at the St. Pauls roundabout on the M32. Highly recommend having a look at the rest of the wall.

Angry Birds Graffiti Bedroom

Here is a our Angry Birds Graffiti Bedroom by Graff Workshop. Painted in just over an hour on quite a small wall with spray paint alone.

We can recreate any image on to any surface, this is a very simple example of the sorts of bedrooms we can create. Graffiti bedrooms are a massively more convenient alternative to the traditional brush painted murals. They take a mere fraction of the time (this wall took just over an hour) which means a lot less hassle for you, and a lot less cost as well. They often have a lot more impact as well because of the way the spray paint goes on to the surface, giving anything from a block solid colour, to smooth gradients or even brush stroke effects if needed.

Get in touch with Graff Workshop for awesome Graffiti Bedrooms

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Car2Go London x Graff Workshop - Graffiti Car

A little while ago, I was half way through a job in London, painting graffiti balloons for a Bar you do. After a long day and over 100 balloons later I had finished, and was preparing to make a move and go check out a guys bar which he wanted painting, before heading home to Bristol.

Before going I checked my emails and there was one saying they needed a car painting, and they needed it done to display for some sort of launch in two days. What was really being said was 'I need this done now'.

So I gave the guy a call, and it turned out he was from Mercedes, and he wanted a graffiti car painted for a launch of a new Smart Car concept - Car2Go

So I made arrangements, cancelled my return to Bristol and stuck around the Berkshire area for another day. Next day I was in a car park in Surrey, which had two floors of these car2go smart cars. All I had to do was pick one with alloys...and that hadn't been rained on, and get going.

Anyway this was a while back but I have just seen them post our graffiti cars on their Facebook page again as they use them as promo at UEL. Here is a photo from their day

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper can be hand painted on to wallpaper at our studio, and then posted to you. You can then hang it and have an authentic piece of graffiti in your bedroom for years to come.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Graffiti Mural

Here is an image of Graffiti Pros Graffiti Mural work for Basant in Surrey in Febuary 2013.
They were given nearly complete design freedom for this mural, the only thing they required was that the colours used were baby blue, purple, and turquoise. We gave them something with a graphic meets natural feel.
This Mural covers about 10x15ft and does not include any traditional graffiti elements as such. It does however keep a bit of a graffiti influence in the shapes, drips and linear forms. Using free hand as well as masking tape, cardboard and various other tools, Graffiti Artists have created this stunning Graffiti Mural

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Graffiti Bedroom Wallpaper

Graffiti Wallpaper hand painted by professional graffiti artists.

We can hand paint custom graffiti wallpaper to make your room in to the ultimate graffiti bedroom. 
Design will be painted on to a white background, if you would like a different colour background please add £25
Prices apply for wall maximum 10ft high x 14ft wide. Extra charge for larger areas.
To purchase, please send us an email with the name, colours, background effect if needed, and wall size.
£99 - Your name with unlimited colours and two silhouettes

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Live Graffiti for Events

And so ends a week of going back and forward to Manchester and beyond. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday all 5am starts. Skipping school to paint graffiti. And my birthday on the weekend.

So anyway the week ends today and this is what I did. An exhibition in Prestwich, showing of the live graffiti marker pens on boards thang

Team Building Graffiti Workshop

This week I did a team building workshop with MSC Software UK branch. We got the whole office involved in creating a canvas with each of their faces using stencils, spray paint and marker pens.

This workshop received a really good response from the whole team, and on the way home I got an email asking if they could re-book another job in May, which was nice.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Margo And Rita Mexican Street Food Van

One side of the Citroen H Van that Graff Workshop painted for Margo and Rita Mexican Street food. I will be making a video of the job soon so will upload that. Cant wait to see the van when it has been laquered and all the tape taken off.

Me and Josh went up North for 2 days, did 5 hours on day one and 4 on day 2. 3rd 5am start in 3 days. Another 5am start tomorrow to go to Surrey for a team building workshop starting at 9am and going till 11am with around 30 people on 1 A1 poster to commemorate their 50th anniversary in business.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Margo & Rita Graffiti Citroen H Van

We have just finished our first day painting a very old Citroen H Van for Margo & Rita. They bought the van in the form of a pick up and have had it transformed in to a Mexican Street Food outlet by Wilkinson Mobile Catering ...up north.

So we skipped school and set off at 6am for the North of England. Armed with the full range of purples from Montana Gold, skinny caps, respirators and platforms we set to work with the sides. Josh on character duty and Tom on background, we get our first 5 hours done.

Shop shuts at 4:30pm so we're chillin with a beer and a burrito courtesy of  the Margo & Rita founders. Back tomorrow at 6am for the last few hours work.

Here are some fisheyeflikers

Saturday, 26 January 2013

SEN Graffiti Workshop

I wouldn't usually write a post about a workshop but today was such a good day I think it is worthy of comment. I did a workshop for Mencap in outer London, with a group of ten young people aged 18-24, working on canvases, using stencils and pens. First of all, a bit about Mencap from their website:

"We work in partnership with people with a learning disability, and all our services support people to live life as they choose. Mencap is the leading voice of learning disability. Everything we do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers."
The workshop was good for a number of reasons. First of all it was a great group of young people, all of whom were really excited to do the workshop and did great work during the session. 
Secondly, we had a 4 hour time period to do the workshop, and only planned on going for three hours, but in the end used the full 4 hours as the group took their time getting their stencils done, and were all eager to enhance their designs at the end using markers. So there was no rush to finish early and no hanging around either, so an ideal workshop.
And lastly there was no traffic and I got fed ;)  
At the end of the workshop, one of the mums came up to me and commented on how good her sons canvas was (which it was, it was one of the best, I will add a photo at the bottom of this post), and more suprisingly, that he doesn't like art, and dislikes it when he does it at school. 
One of the ladies from Mencap also commented at the end of the session, that the group usually struggles to stay engaged for long periods of time and that she was really impressed that they were fully concentrated for the full 4 hours.
The second piece of feedback is something I hear quite a lot when working with SEN groups as well as young offenders. I have always known Graffiti Workshops are great for group engagement for any group of young people, and hearing this feedback again and again really backs this up. 
 SEN Graffiti Workshops are something I am very passionate about, and I am sure I will write more on them soon. Till then...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Urban Fitness Co

We painted this graffiti mural for the Urban Fitness Co in London. Took a lot longer than planned due to it not being from the ground up, and having to run up and down a ladder all day, but a good result I think. Went to McDonalds for lunch but kept that quiet from the owner.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Graffiti Bedroom - A Home Decor Revolution

This is for SEO for the website so I wouldn't bother reading it, its probably very boring, the photo is mine though
Graffiti has been for a long time and has constantly been receiving praises as well as rejections to as whether it would be considered as an art and not just trash that pollute the streets all over the world. But even with all the judgement this art has received, it continuously tried to evolve into something that is very popular today. Why these designs are so famous today in the art world as well as the design world?
• Attractive – Let’s face it, when you first look at Graffiti art your very first impression would be “what is that?” or something that would clearly explain the fact that you do not understand what you are seeing. But once you get to know and see the patterns that are associated with the designing process of such art-works then you will start to appreciate them.
• New – Graffiti is new to the design and art world which makes it very interesting to the eyes of the audience. It keeps that intrigue and the interest factor alive when it comes to appreciating the art of Graffiti.
• Aspiring – When talking about Graffiti art you are talking about a very aspiring piece of art that clearly gives you the idea of what the artist is trying to say to you through their fingertips and spray can bottle. Definitely something that you want to spend the time learning on how to appreciate the art as a whole.
The best designs that would go well with different personalities
1. Rebel – This is the most common factor that clearly emphasizes the character behind Graffiti bedrooms designs. It is a clear manifestation of rebellion in which paintings are taken to the next level and being brought together as one junction of art creating this wonderful random-like piece.
2. Spontaneous – Another perfect word that can explain the art work of Graffiti would be spontaneous. The fact that you just paint anything that you want and come up with very great art-work calls for some really serious spontaneous painting skills. This is the reason why Graffiti painting is one of the most spontaneous things you can do in your life.
3. Style – Some people call it grunge some people call it street. There are different names that best consider the style behind good graffiti. This can be easily compared to the style allocated in creating these incredible designs.
When choosing the right design for your room you need to make sure that you incorporate your designs with your personality as well. This will not only make your room look “you”, it will also make a perfect representation on which you really are inside. So if you want to make your room not only stand out you need to make sure that you choose what’s best for you. Take time to browse the web for designs that would best suit your taste and style. With hundreds of designs on the internet today you can easily look for the best one for you.

HMV goes in to administration

The Gramophone Company, based in the United Kingdom, was one of the early recording companies, and was the parent organization for the famous "His Master's Voice" (HMV) label. Although the company was merged with another in 1931 to form Electric and Musical Industries Limited (EMI), the company title as "The Gramophone Company Limited" continued in use in the UK into the 1970s

Going in to HMV today was a sad experience. Even though I contributed to their downfall by not buying physical copies of music any more, being lazy and using itunes, they refused to evolve and paid the price. They were playing old school classics and walking around the store knowing it was about to die sucked. 

Gonna miss not being able to walk around HMV looking for something specific and not being able to find it. Either way i got 12 DVDs for £17 so can't complain

Evolve or Die


Monday, 21 January 2013

Graff Workshop - Citroen H Van 2013

Two Graff Workshop artists will be painting one of these bad boy Citroen H Vans next week. The van has just been converted from a pick up, in to a Mexican food van. We're going to be painting it all in purples as requested from the client, so I am sure its going to look awesome. 

So we have a 5am start to get up north, for a full days painting at the conversion shop, probably going to be a two day job and we have been offered a floor (whole in a whole floor of a house) as well as dinner and beer so great result there :D

Pictures and videos soon...

Friday, 18 January 2013

Dublin 2012

9-10th October 2012.
This was a little while ago but was a Graff Workshop first, so worthy of comment. Three of us were paid to go to Dublin for a night to paint live on front of 1000 people for the food chain Iceland. For their annual manager party.

Wake up at 2am and pick up Josh from Bristol. Then drive to the Midlands to pick up Chris. Then off to Holyhead North Wales (middle of nowhere and hours away) to get the ferry across to Dublin. One speeding ticket and one wrong turn and we arrive early, at about 7:30am.

Get a few winks on the ferry, in between exploring and doing a few designs for the event that evening. We get to Dublin, find the conference centre, show our faces and get told we need to stay there till the evening. So we see what we need to do and sneak off to the hostel to get a bit more sleep and some dinner before the evening. We would usually stay in a hotel but someone managed to book us in to a hotel in Belfast instead of Dublin. Couldn't get a refund on the hotel so had to go cheap.

So after a stroll round Dublin we drive back to the conference centre through the horrible Belfast one way system. We paint the dancers costumes and the ladders we are using and get backstage. At around 21:00 we're told we have an hour till we go on stage so me and Chris have a wonder round. At 21:20 we are told to go on stage early so we all wait behind our stages. We each have a large stage to paint using UV spray paint, and all the stages surround a huge venue with 1000 people having dinner.

Anyway we get our designs done and it all looks great. We get off stage and celebrate with a Guiness or two, back to the hostel and up at 7am the next morning to catch the ferry back to England.

All in a days work

Graffiti Bedrooms
Graff Workshop recently decided to revamp our Graphic Graffiti Bedrooms. Something better than our competition. And luckily we were given two walls at a clients house with a brief consisting of: 'whatever colours you like' :D which is always nice. Here they are from todays job

Monday, 14 January 2013


So I have been using Facebook for the last year to show off and try and get people to 'like' Graff Workshop. It has cost a lot of money in Facebook ads and to be honest there wasn't really much point to it, apart from getting more 'likes' on the photos I post, its good for ego inflation but not a lot else.

So anyway I will be cutting back on the Facebook use and trying to move over here, to write down stuff and hope people will find it interesting..unlikely. Its sole purpose will probably be for me to look back on in five years and remember what was going on.

Graff Workshop has just finished year two and it was a great year. Expanding from workshops at schools and councils, into workshops at young offenders establishments, learning difficulty groups, and also entering the graffiti bedrooms marker which is a lot of fun.

We recently found an excellent workshop artist who gets really good feedback every time. She has been a huge asset to the company and gets first dibs on workshops nowadays.

We have also acquired loads of websites this year, and set up to serve the high end commission market.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

New Website Coming in January..

We got a new website coming SOON.

I am building it as we speak, got a LOT of images to resize and a lot of content to put together for all our new services. Will have it done ASAP aaaait

Saturday, 26 November 2011

26/11/2011 - We're still here

Hi, just a quick note to let everyone know we're still here. We have two new retail sites being built which is taking up a lot of time! Graff is also just about to be re-designed to make it easily updateable so stay tuned

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Graff Workshop does Red Bull

So as explained below the Graff Workshop blog is now only for new and interesting the latest from GW - we worked for Red Bull. Helping with their innovative marketing approaches, we painted a wall at a house party held by one of their promoters.

Hopefully we shall be working with Red Bull again, and that's not just because of the fact that this was definitely one of the best house parties i have been to in a LONG time

Anyway here's some pictures

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nice quote from a previous workshop

"Dear Tom, I would like to thank you for the excellent workshop that you led with some of our young people in the summer. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and their parents were extremely impressed with what they had been able to produce in such a short space of time.

You have a very positive way of engaging with the young people which is a real gift. I hope your business continues to grow from strength to strength"

Friday, 30 September 2011

Commission for Reading University

The first big commission for Graff Workshop. Two large rooms and one corridor inside the University of Reading. The corridor was photo realist/graffiti effects with the waves.

Room one was music themed, so we designed the keyboard room.
Room two was something more relaxed so we went with waterfalls and jungle. Very good reactions from everyone at the Uni. "Ohhh my godddd this is amazing, you sir, are a genius." Cheers to that girl, was a pretty good compliment. Anyway, here are some flics

Monday, 29 August 2011

We're still here!

Just for the record, to all you checking in to the Graff Workshop Blog page, we are still here, but we are no longer documenting every workshop and job that gets done, only the new or unusual, check our past posts for the workshops we have done to date.


Graff Workshop Ltd

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bramah House, News Cutting

16/08/2011 - Graff Workshop does Bedrooms...

The brief: Liam, Coby, Orange, Green, Call of Duty, Scooters. 

Graff Workshop designed this, its cheaper than wallpaper, a lot less hassle for you, and its a one off custom design that no one else will have. There's not really a lot of reasons not to get this on your bedroom wall...

12/08/2011 - Cheltenham, Foyer Mural Workshop

This was a slightly larger group than usual, all painting a wall within the CCP Bramah House Foyer in Cheltenham. We decided on a music theme, and the group created stencils of their name and helped to paint the DJ mural onto the wall of the dinner room. The group was really good and we got really good feedback from the days work.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

07/08/2011 - Quote from Bridge House Foyer

“ Graff Workshop are great to work with. For young people it gives them the opportunity to express their ideas and be proud of the work they have produced. Tom is very patient and is always on hand to help bring ideas to life, especially our container!!! I would recommend Graff Workshop and hope to work with them again in the not so distant future”. - Nina Hines, Bridge House Foyer

Friday, 5 August 2011

04/07/2011 - Bridge House Foyer, Sheerness, Canvas Workshop

It seems the canvases made by the young people at our workshops keep getting better an better. As it was quite a small group, we were able to produce a couple of canvases each, and do full, street art style backgrounds as well.

The work produced was really good, and the designs such as the cityscape and desert island looked really effective. Earlier this week the gazebo came in handy due to the 31 degree temperature, today it came in handy due to the continuous rain throughout the day. Thanks to everyone involved for making it a really good day.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

30/07/2011 - Repeat Business... Third workshop this year for Look Ahead Housing

When we say that we are proud of the rate of business that comes from word of mouth or repeat customers, we really do mean it. And that has been epitomised by our work with Look Ahead Housing. We did a Canvas workshop, followed by a Mural Workshop, and have just done our third workshop, at a BBQ they had for the residents. It was a VERY hot day,working outside, BBQ one side, DJ on the other, all round a good afternoon.

Look Ahead wanted a large canvas to be produced by the residents, which could then be hung in the hostel for everyone to see. We decided the best option would be to put a character in the middle and get the residents to come and sign it and leave their mark.